Execution Plan For Artistic Wedding Photographers
Step By Step Guide:
How To Put Together A Styled Shoot
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This guide will show you everything you need to know, step by step, so that you can jump right in and start planning a gorgeous photo shoot. This will help you build an amazing portfolio, get experience, and get attention!

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Hi I'm Brittny Hart :) I'm a wedding photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I shoot 30-40 weddings each year. I'm a bit of a photography nerd... so much that in my free time I organize my own styled photo shoots because they give me the chance to control every aspect of the images. So I put this step-by-step guide together to walk you through how to plan a styled shoot. They are the perfect way to spice up your instagram profile (or build out your portfolio if you're a new photographer or haven't photographed "Pinterest" weddings yet). I hope this guide helps you create beautiful art - happy shooting :)
Here's What People Are Saying...
"...This guide makes styled shoots sooooo much easier!"
Brittny’s training for how to put together a styled shoot from start to finish has been sooo sooo helpful! Before using this I was worried about how to reach out to vendors and how to go about planning and preparing the shoot. There are just so many moving parts that it’s hard to do it all right. This guide makes it so much easier because it walks you through each step that you need to take to plan, coordinate, and host it. It’s been so helpful and I’m glad she shared this with us! Thanks Brittny! 
Kara Stringham
"...Now I'm not nervous about missing steps"
Styled shoots are the best way to start building your portfolio, but there’s much involved and they can be scary. But now that I’m using Brittny’s guide, I’m not nervous about missing steps of important parts. I know that I can get everything set up and ready so I can get amazing pictures.

Rani Rees
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