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Family Wedding Portrait Checklist
Simplify Wedding Portraits
Here’s your Family Wedding Portraits Check-List - my exact and streamlined process for taking photos of the wedding party. Ordering wedding parties like this will empower you to take charge, help you look prepared and professional and ensure that you never forget a shot!
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Hi I'm Brittny Hart :) I'm a wedding photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I shoot 30-40 weddings each year. One of the only things I enjoy more than shooting weddings is teaching other photographers how to shoot weddings - which is why I threw this together for you. This is a must-have for all new wedding photographers because by following my simple and streamlined process, you'll never miss an important shot. Happy shooting :)
  What People Are Saying:
"...It helped me display more confidence while shooting!"
Brittny’s Family Wedding Portrait Checklist is the best guide I've found in order to help prepare for shooting a wedding. Especially being new to the field and still building my portfolio. I’ve found that it can be so hard to direct and remember all the photos you need to take care of the family - especially at LDS temples where time is so limited. This walks you through exactly what photos to do in what order. It’s helped me display more confidence while shooting and has shortened the time I have to spend taking family pictures because I’m more efficient now.
Kara Stringham
"...Using this you won't have any missed shots"
Weddings are HARD! There’s a ton of people and so much that you need to do, but Brittny has made it easy with this checklist. She’s got everything ordered from the bride’s family to the groom’s and everyone in between so that everything can be done in such a nice and timely manner. Using this you won’t have any missed shots! Thanks Brittny :)

Rani Rees
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