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FREE Certification for Photographers:
Camera Control - Mastering Manual Mode
Want to take better pictures but feel overwhelmed by everything you don't know about your camera?
Not anymore. 
This training course will teach you to confidently take pictures by mastering manual mode on your camera... 
Learn How Your
Camera Works
Feel Confident
While Shooting
Take Better
Pictures to Share

automatic mode is keeping your pictures from looking their best
Take this quick, FREE training & gain complete control of your camera

Here's how it works...
You'll learn how your camera works, and how to make it take pictures in the way you're trying to take them. 

We'll cover the exposure triangle - aperture, shutter speed, and aperture -  white balance, Raw vs JPEG, metering, and all the other things you'll need to know to shoot comfortably in manual. I'm going to simplify all those confusing camera settings that made you feel overwhelmed.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
This training is perfect for people who want to master shooting in manual mode! It’s organized, easy to understand, and will teach you everything you need to feel confident shooting manual.
Kayla Stewart
Just watched the settings training video. This is one of my favorite! It was so easy to understand Manuel settings. She teaches it in a way that makes sense! I’ve always wanted to get good photos with that magical lighting and this training has given me the tools to that path! I would highly recommend watching it.
Hannah Whiting
Brittny's settings course taught me which settings to change on my camera to make images TACK SHARP and beyond professional quality. Learn competitive skills to drive your photos into the market with this settings course.
Kam Kaiserman
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