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Contract Templates & Training For Wedding Photographers
Bulletproof Contracts
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Inside Bulletproof Contracts...
Set Expectations With Your Clients
Trade confusion for confidence by getting on the same page with your brides and grooms. Help them know what to expect of you and what you expect of them.  
Up Your Professionalism (& Feel Confident)
Gain credibility with professional contracts. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a lawyer and spending hours writing your own contracts just use my bulletproof contract templates
Protect Your Business & Avoid Catastrophes 
Functional policies to protect your business & keep your clients happy, make sure you get paid, and avoid potential (but common) catastrophes.
  What People Are Saying:
Hi I'm Brittny Hart :) I'm a wedding photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I shoot 30-40 weddings each year. The only thing I love more than shooting weddings is training other photographers and helping them build their business. I hope these contract templates and the free training that goes along with it will help you "up your professionalism" and set clearer expectations with your clients. If you don't have good contracts yet, you need these templates. I'll walk you through each section of them in the accompanying training videos. 

See you inside!
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